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Scrum — методика управления разработкой сайтов

How do I order a product or website from a web studio to get a guaranteed result?
How not to waste time and money? How to make a Technical assignment correctly if nothing is clear? How to evaluate the TK and understand the terminology? How to implement a new system in the company's work?

We offer you a solution to all your concerns and concerns related to the development of a website or product. Our flexible development methodology, such as Scrum, allows us to create exactly what you need. The essence of the method of work: With us you will be able to control the development process, participate in it and make changes and improvements right during the creation of the product. This approach allows you to avoid conceptual errors even at the stage of creating the system, and save money and time. You will be able to adjust the technical specifications, abandon some of the functions or, conversely, add functionality, get as many design options as you need to make a decision, adjust the positioning of the product or conduct quick tests with a real audience. Thanks to the iterative approach, the so-called sprints, we guarantee that you will get exactly the result you need.

What is SCRUM?. Scrum is a technique developed by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, basically the opposite of the classic step-by-step approach. The main advantage of Scrum is flexibility. Having the skills to create a product, we offer solutions and focus on the “customer” - as a person or group of people who sees what the product should be - we check the direction with him.

How it is applied in practice:

Not only a professional customer who understands technical details can work with us and get a result, but anyone with an idea. TK for us is not a abstruse document, but a list of requirements for a product or website or application. These requirements are arranged in order of priority. From the most important to the most minor and can be adjusted, added or excluded.

What is the difference between SCRUM and step-by-step creation?

Step-by-step creation is inflexible, the TOR is drawn up 1 time before starting work, the number of edits, design options and functionality are specified. Optimal solutions are used for the compiled TOR, but these solutions cannot always be developed and upgraded in the future. It turns out that you made an order, waited for the result, but the result does not meet expectations, the system needs to be improved, and sometimes it is impossible in principle....

How SCRUM helps to avoid problems and is applied in practice:

We will compile clear primary documentation to get started, determine the initial functionality and approximate deadlines for work. We allocate a group of developers who will deal with the project and the time needed to work on 1 sprint (1 piece of work). A sprint is usually a short period of time - (for example, 1 week) - after this time you will be able to get acquainted with the work done, make adjustments and clarifications, the following tasks and time for implementation will be scheduled - so until the project is completed. The terms of work change both in a big way - when functionality is added, and in a smaller way, when functionality is abandoned or we offer a different solution to achieve the customer's goal in a more “short” way.Since the scrum provides for step-by-step delivery of the project, this minimizes the risks. This helps to show the product to the customer faster and get feedback from him.

We are responsible for our work and support the systems we have created.

As a result, you get a product that meets your needs and expectations, and does not formally meet the terms of reference. We strive to ensure that your project is successful and brings the desired results.

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