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Очереди Rabbit Mq установка, конфигурация, примеры кода в Laravel

Let's look at installing RabbitMq on Ubuntu, configuration, configuration examples. Examples of use in php Laravel

#DevOps #RabbitMq #Laravel

Scrum — методика управления разработкой сайтов

How do I order a product or website from a web studio to get a guaranteed result? How not to waste time and money? How to make a Technical assignment correctly if nothing is clear? How to evaluate the TK and understand the terminology? How to implement a new system in the company's work?

#Technologies #Design #Project management #Scrum #Agile

Установка Grafana на Ubuntu и настройка примеров расширенной конфигурации

Grafana is a popular tool for data visualization and system monitoring. It allows you to create beautiful dashboards to display various metrics and logs. In this tutorial, we'll look at how to install Grafana on Ubuntu and set up advanced configuration examples.

#DevOps #Grafana

Postgres PostGIS, installation, spatial queries, sql queries by radius

Installation and examples of using PostGIS, performing spatial queries, queries by radius

#DevOps #Postgres #postgis

Configuring CI/CD GitLab on Ubuntu: Installation and Configuration Examples

GitLab is a project storage and management platform powered by Git technology. It allows you to manage repositories, tasks, bugs, and more. However, one of the most useful features is the ability to set up CI/CD to automatically build, test, and deploy your application, which speeds up the development process and reduces code review time.

#DevOps #Technologies #Linux #Ubuntu

Check code quality with sonarqube

SonarQube is an analysis tool code that allows you to automatically check the quality of the code based on the specified rules and standards. It's powerful a tool that can be used both for individual projects and for projects with a large volume code.

#DevOps #Ubuntu #Linux #Technologies

Site load testing with Locust

Website load testing - an important step in the development and maintenance of web applications. This is the process that determines how a website or applications work under high loads, what bottlenecks and problems may arise and how they can be decide.

#Linux #Ubuntu #DevOps

Top Most Powerful WordPress Plugins to Create an Online Store

In this article, we will look at the top most powerful WordPress plugins for creating an online store.

#PHP #Wordpress #Technologies

Improving site performance on WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS that are used to build websites. However, as the number of site visitors increases, performance can degrade, resulting in slow page loading, drop in visitors, and lower search engine rankings. In this article, we will look at several methods to improve the performance of a WordPress site.

#PHP #Wordpress #Technologies

Configuring Supervisor Ubuntu

Supervisor is a simple open source process manager, which allows you to monitor and control processes on Ubuntu. It is especially useful in cases where you need to run several processes at the same time and monitor their work.

#DevOps #Technologies #Linux #Ubuntu #Supervisor


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